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An Introduction to Cloud Native IoT, Big Data, and Analytics Design.

The academy

Klarrio, a cloud native IoT & Analytics Services Integrator and Cloud development project house is launching its Bootstrap academy as part of its data literacy and hiring program. This initiative is a first in Belgium and strives to further broaden the overall cloud native skills towards motivated recently graduated students and mid-career people interested in re-training to transfer into the rapidly growing industry of digital transformation, IoT, Big Data and Analytics.

Objective of the Course


This 2-month hands-on introduction course aimed at the world of Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, and analytics will help launch your career as a data-engineer. In a select group of maximum 10 students, supported by Klarrio’s team of experts, you will be completely submerged in the cloud native world and the various Klarrio domains of expertise. The AWS cloud will be your new operational environment where all the hands-on work will be conducted. The opportunity to obtain a highly valued AWS accreditation and/or certification is well within your reach.

Target audience:

▪ Recently graduated tech-savant students.
▪ Soon to graduate students with cloud aspirations.
▪ Job seekers towards the cloud native world.

What is expected of the selected:

▪ Maximum dedication and motivation to become an IoT tech geek.
▪ 10:00-16:00 onsite presence at Klarrio during the training period.
▪ In possession of a performant notebook/laptop.

Klarrio will provide:

▪ An inspiring techy environment with access to all Klarrio cloud experts.
▪ Training with access to AWS including learning material.
▪ Dedicated workspace.
▪ An AWS accreditation and or a ‘Solution Architect’ certification.
▪ Coffee, soft drinks, and lunch.

Topics covered:

▪ Introduction to Internet of Things, Big Data, and Analytics.
▪ Introduction to AWS, EC2, S3, and applicable microservices.
▪ Hands-on lab work related to VMs, Security, IoT POCs, Fast prototyping
▪ Intro to Apache Foundation projects like Kafka, DC/OS, Spark, etc…

Meet our Knowledge Coach

Hans Tubbax

At Klarrio, people are our greatest asset. When people are treated with respect and given the opportunity to develop themselves, everything is possible. You’ll be surrounded by cloud experts, IoT specialists and excellent data scientists, creating the ideal environment to enable you to transcend yourself.

As a Knowledge Coach, it is my aim to catalyze the increase and exchange of knowledge in order to keep Klarrio the market leader in the Internet of Things & Analytics.

In order to achieve this my role as a Knowledge Coach consists of:

▪ Support the team in providing coaching and training.
▪ Maximize the effectiveness of the teams.
▪ Facilitate new hires through training and new training technologies
▪ Develop and maintain training modules and materials.
▪ Define training needs and the appropriate training programs.
▪ Create, foster, and maintain an inspiring and sharing culture.


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