Klarrio analytics specialists don’t just crunch numbers. We help you act on them.

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Without a clear data roadmap, it’s increasingly difficult to compete effectively today. And with the advent of IoT and emerging big-data solutions, no organization is likely to flourish in the future without data-driven decision-making.

That’s why at Klarrio, we don’t just specialize is predictive analytics, we actually help you do something with them.

Analytics that predict outcomes.

And success.

Articulating how to monetize the new economy is difficult at best. Market pressure, competitors, emerging technologies—all are forcing companies into the domain of IoT, big data, analytics, not to mention the newest and next best thing.

And it’s not going to change. That’s why no organization can afford to lose its way in the creation of a data roadmap. Which is a primary reason why developing strategic roadmaps are one of the things we at Klarrio do best.

When you’re looking for predictive behavior, take a closer look at Klarrio. We have years of experience in providing predictive insights for organizations both large and small. Examples include:

  • An advanced data-streaming services hub that sets the standard for providing drivers and transportation ministries with real-time information on road conditions and traffic intelligence
  • A first-of-its-kind cloud-native app that boaters can use to schedule stops at prime locations before actually mooring.
  • Developmental models to allow hospitals to accurately forecast length-of-stay in the emergency department, in addition to predicting subsequent hospital admission rates
  • And much more. All built with cloud-native technology; all available today.
  • To learn more about how Klarrio’s analytics expertise can future-proof your company, contact us today.

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    Data engineering consulting. Projects. Custom-builds.

    Klarrio data engineers know how to turn big-data insights into real-time streaming solutions. We’re particularly adept at developing ways to process data to and from the cloud, while making it robust and secure enough for multiple tenants to run proprietary data on a centralized, but completely private platform.

    Applications running on top of the hub can leverage all of the data coming in from the field, either from devices or from data streams that are onboarded for specific applications.

    For more information on Klarrio’s data-engineering capabilities and cloud-native specialties, take a look at some of our previous successes. Or, to discuss how we can help you achieve your own real-time data streaming success, contact us today.

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