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Our vision

Recurring terminologies, such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics, Scalable & Elastic Service Deployments, and Cloud, are used every single hour of the day. While many speak the same vocabulary, often the interpretations behind the concepts vary significantly.  To resolve these gaps Klarrio positions itself as a bridge between the traditional enterprise confronted with digital transformation and the Open Source Community.

About Us

There is no ‘one solution fits all’


Business Strategies

Deciding how to tackle the new world through leveraging the ‘born on the cloud’ paradigm is a direct outcome of a rapid and correct ruling on the ‘Buy, Partner, Built’ exercise. Technology is not the final objective; concrete services and ‘go to market’ plans are.

Technology & Design

All players are using the same claims of scalability, elasticity, agnosticism, and cost effectiveness; as such, success relies on the key selection of core technologies and/or services.

Integration Services

Few can afford going 100% green field. Leveraging past investments and entering a digital transformation dictates a realistic integration between legacy, enterprise, and cloud native open source components.

Custom Builds

The premise that there is no ‘one solution fits all’ results in a combination of ‘fast prototyping’ and ‘custom use case specific development’. Depending on the maturity of the customer and its end-user base, Klarrio can offer both acceleration of builds as well as operational grade deployments.


Without clear data strategies, articulating how to monetize the new economy is difficult at best.  Market pressure and/or competitors are forcing companies into the domain of IoT and Big Data/Analytics, causing many players to lose their way in the creation of a data roadmap.

Data Security & Privacy

Future business value lies in the ownership of and/or access to data.  While most market players preach that data-ownership lies with their customers, few execute as such.  Security, data governance and privacy by design are key.

More than 130 man-years
cloud native design

Domains of expertise

While Klarrio got established fairly recently, its team has been working on complex large data processing challenges since 2012.

We have assisted customers encountering operational scalability challenges, worked from scratch on architecture blueprinting & prototyping, build complete cloud platforms, conducted cloud on-boardings & migrations, and built predictive and prescriptive analytic models.

  • Cloud onboarding & migrations
  • Public, Hybrid, and on-Premise
  • Distributed & Parallel Processing Paradigms
  • Message & Data Processing Layers
  • Lambda & Kappa Architectures
  • Cloud Control Planes
  • Data Governance, Privacy, and Security
  • Streaming Technologies
  • Spark and Scala Optimizations
  • Devops & Support
  • Cloud Business Cost Models

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