The only cookies you’ll get from us

Strange, right? A website that actually saved you some cookie consent clicks. And best of all, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

At Klarrio, we strongly support transparent and ethical data collection practices, safeguarding user awareness and consent. We believe in an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem. In line with this mission, we are a member of the Gaia-X association.

Don’t get us wrong, cookies serve many legitimate purposes, such as remembering your shopping cart contents or login details. But cookies also have a dark side, if used for tracking your online activities, for targeted advertising, or as a commodity in a $200+ billion data brokerage industry.

All things considered, we realized that cookies didn’t serve our purpose, and we switched gears to a cookie-free platform in 2020.

Cookieless doesn’t mean dataless. We still get our daily dose of fresh GDPR-compliant metrics, thanks to Plausible, an open-source, privacy-friendly analytics tool. We gather anonymous, aggregated data: general visitor stats, top sources, top pages, country of origin, device type, browser and OS. That’s it.

What We Don’t Do:

Cookie and pixel tracking, canvas fingerprinting, cross-device tracking or any other tracking methods.

So rest assured, your personal data stays safe with you.