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Klarrio Joins Immuta Partner Program

By March 7, 2018April 8th, 2020News

Klarrio Joins Immuta Partner Program


Klarrio Joins Immuta Partner Program for Compliant Data Science and Advanced Analytics Programs

Antwerpen, Belgium — March 6, 2018 – Klarrio today announced that it has joined the Immuta Channel Partner program. As a new member, Klarrio joins a dynamic community of select technology and services partners to provide customers in regulated markets such as financial services with advanced data management solutions for their data science programs. Immuta’s solutions provide users with fast, personalized access to data to accelerate and simplify every aspect of analytics workflow. Through Immuta, data scientists can work together in a unified data environment to quickly access and collaborate on datasets with individual entitlements enforced and all actions audited.

Immuta provides the industry’s only enterprise data management platform for data science, empowering organizations with the competitive advantage of operationalizing data while meeting regulatory requirements, such as GDPR,  to compete in the digital age. Klarrio’s collaboration with Immuta offers customers the ability to dynamically enforce policies on the data feeding their AI and machine learning algorithms.

“We’re thrilled to officially welcome Klarrio into Immuta’s Partner Community,” said Andrew Gilman, Chief Customer Officer at Immuta. “Klarrio is key for Immuta to unlock the massive opportunity to help clients dramatically accelerate their Data Science programs in Europe’s increasingly complex regulatory environment.  We’ve seen first-hand their expertise in advanced analytics and data science, helping their clients get ready for GDPR as a key asset for delivering value for their customers. Immuta provides a powerful platform to help their clients operationalize sensitive data for AI programs in a fast, safe and compliant manner.”

“Data governance and privacy is the key to unlocking future business success – and companies need to be fully compliant with GDPR by the May 25, 2018 deadline,” said Dario Rossa, Chief Data Officer at Klarrio. “Immuta helps us give our customers – in all stages of digital transformation – the peace of mind knowing their data and analytics programs meet industry compliance laws.”

Organizations that rely on predictive analytics to make critical business decisions are under pressure to dramatically accelerate the speed of operationalizing data for AI. Unfortunately, this is more complicated than it should, involving a fragmented process that requires organizations to buy multiple parts. The Immuta data management platform for data science operationalizes data by providing rapid, personalized access of data to dramatically improve speed-up the deployment and auditability of machine learning and AI.

About Immuta

Immuta is the fastest way for algorithm-driven enterprises to accelerate the development and control of machine learning and advanced analytics. The company’s hyperscale data management platform provides data scientists with rapid, personalized data access to dramatically improve the creation, deployment and auditability of machine learning and AI. Founded in 2014, Immuta is headquartered in College Park, Maryland. For more information, visit www.immuta.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.