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Klarrio recognized as one of the Top 10 Big Data Companies of 2023.

By October 19, 2023October 26th, 2023News

Klarrio recognized as one of the Top 10 Big Data Companies of 2023.


The list of 10 companies at the forefront of providing Big Data solutions and impacting the industry is compiled every year by GLOBAL TECH CIO. We’re excited to share that this year, it includes such firms as Databricks and ourselves.


Talks about challenges, scalability, customer engagement in big data space and Klarrio’s vision for the industry
By Kurt Jonckheer – Klarrio’s CEO

Klarrio has been a one-stop data management service provider and cloud-native integrator shop. We enable our global customers to define and speed up their digital transformation through adoption of new economy business models, disruptive technologies, and cloud-native new value-added services and vendors. Klarrio is a recognized expert in building real-time streaming data processing stacks.

Kurt Jonckheer is the co-founder and CEO of Klarrio, a software development firm that provides expertise in data engineering, platform engineering, and cloud-native designs. Kurt Jonckheer is an industry expert, having worked with a wide range of organizations, from start–ups to large corporations. Besides his role at Klarrio, Kurt Jonckheer is also a mentor and advisor to several start-ups and organizations. He is passionate about technology, innovations and is providing his knowledge and time to companies, enabling them to leverage data to drive business value.

Our advanced technology is unmatched in Korea, and we are the only testing and verification software manufacturer to use hundred percent proprietary technology.

Getting into the crux of our discussions.
Regarding the challenges faced in the data space. The most immense challenges are with the enterprise ecosystem having to adjust towards a more data-centric approach, contrary to most of their legacy IT systems that are client-server based and therefore have limited capacity in handling the growing amounts of data throughout their end-to-end data channels.

Klarrio’s contribution to their customers comes as building data platforms and microservices for them, providing them full flexibility across the different infrastructures (both on-premise and public cloud) by using very few vendor proprietary solutions. Also enabling the customer to retain control over their business-critical or core strategic assets. At Klarrio, scalability is more customer-centric by offering them with efficient and tailored infrastructure. Cloud might give you the impression that it provides endless scalability, but we are constantly working with our customers in order to optimize cloud and infrastructure costs. It is this holistic approach that allows us to build optimized yet highly performant real-time systems and software.

With an immensely experienced and multi-disciplinary team from the onset of Klarrio, the team has been building data-processing platforms since 2011.
Klarrio is specialized in leveraging open-source distributed computing frameworks which were still at their nascent stage in around 2012. So, it is almost a decade of hands-on experience on frameworks from their early inceptions to their latest avatars. ‘We always try to contribute back to the opensource community, and I think that, those holistic 10 years
of hands-on experience, makes us more unique compared to companies, who have just picked up and started working with these frameworks,’ says Kurt Jonckheer.

An expert team of data- and platform engineers with a proven track record is ready to work with your subject-matter experts to productise and deploy your analytics models at scale.
In close collaboration with our customer’s experts, Klarrio data engineers implement, deploy and operate high-performance cloud agnostic data processing stack, leveraging state-of-the-art technology on-premise and on any public cloud. We’re known for our ability to build open source-based cloud-agnostic solutions that seamlessly process considerable volumes of data. We’re also known for our ability to deliver valuable results and our willingness to tell you the truth from the very beginning.
Geographically, Klarrio’s headquarters is based in Belgium with offices in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, US and APAC. Data security is essential, and our commitment to our customers is to embed expertise and conduct the work inside our organization.

The real DNA of Klarrio lies in the attitude and experience of the team, He says I still remember and understand what it is to build complex software on limited compute, limited budgets, limited storage and that has enabled Klarrio to constantly understand and meet their customer’s needs to provide the most optimized solutions that pass the test of time.

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