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tutorrio Data Engineering Learning Program Opens for New Applications

By June 4, 2023July 4th, 2023News, Press Release

tutorrio Data Engineering Learning Program Opens for New Applications

Klarrio Created the Program Last Year to Address Skills Shortage

Applications are once again open for Klarrio’s tutorrio data engineer learning program—a comprehensive, hands-on training available to every aspiring data engineer with an affinity for coding, regardless of age, gender, formal educational background in IT, or financial situation. 

In only nine months, participants can master data engineering while already having a job contract with Klarrio, an Antwerp-based systems integration and software development firm.

The latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI 2022) shows that while the share of ICT specialists in Belgium is slightly higher than the EU average, the country still suffers from a significant shortage of data engineering professionals.

“Though there are many great initiatives to tackle the skills shortage in IT, there’s an insufficient focus on data engineering,” says Kurt Jonckheer, Chief Executive Officer of Klarrio. “Demand for data engineers is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, but most formal education still focuses on data science.” 

“Schools today cannot bring enough data engineers to the market with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the current level of industry demand. tutorrio acts as a catalyst for training talented data engineers, accelerating Klarrio in extending its center of competence in Europe.” 

“Although many people want to study data engineering, they often can’t afford to do so, or they just don’t have the opportunity,” says Bram Stes, Head Coach at tutorrio. 

“Klarrio aims to solve the problem with an ‘earn while you learn’ model. This means that selected candidates can participate in the tutorrio program without paying a tuition fee, and receive a competitive remuneration package from the day they start their studies.”

tutorrio is open to everyone with an affinity for coding, and a basic understanding of and interest in computer science, whether they’re just starting their career or looking for a change. Throughout the course, participants can build a robust foundation in software engineering through a unique combination of on-site lessons with Klarrio experts, group assignments, and self-study.

Participants will learn to use and work with the latest, cutting-edge open-source frameworks. The training also covers a broad range of topics beyond the basics, such as cloud economics and ethical considerations regarding data protection and privacy. 

Applications for the new semester opened on 4 July and will close at the end of November, with classes starting in January 2024. Chosen candidates will begin their studies as Klarrio employees and will become junior data engineers upon completion of the program. 

For more information about the tutorrio program, go to: https://tutorrio.com/